Pecan Order Pay Now

Pecan Committee: Becky Bird and Tracey Koerner

Instructions for Paying through PayPal

To pay through PayPal using PayPal account or other credit cards, please do the following:

  1. Shipping costs in PayPal only applies to order that have prearranged a shipping quote from CCAM. Your order will not be shipped unless you prearranged with CCAM and received a shipping quote in your confirmation email. NOTE: ** PayPal will show shipping address even if you did not choose shipping option.
  2. Add a $1 PayPal fee to your total order for processing through PayPal
  3. Enter your order confirmation number that you received from CCAM in the box below the verbiage.
  4. Click button below to direct you to PayPal. You will need to add your total amount at that time.

    Order Confirmation Number